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Top 5 Dog Coats for 2020

Top 5 Dog Coats for 2020

We take a look at 5 of the top dog coats for the stylish dog in 2020.

Pawfect for those days when it’s so cold outside that you’d have to be barking mad (which you’re not) to move a nicely snuggled up paw from the sofa and venture out into the great outdoors.

First off is one for the more sporty dogs. Good for a walk around a country estate with a little bit of tennis ball action or stick throwing added into the mix. Followed by a nice lie down infront of the fire at the local pub.

Barbour Wax Dog Coat from £39.95

The next is for the stylish dog around town. More suited to a stroll around the shops and a quick pop into a cafe for a pupochino or two. This one’s made of water-resistant two-tone houndstooth wool with a merino knit chest. At £175 it’s best to avoid too much park or puddle action and definitely no rolling anything interesting!

This next one’s for those times when it’s torrential rain but you have no choice but to head out for a walk. Its bright colour means that at least it will cheer you up on a grey, rainy day and it’s machine washable for those ‘why not drive my human crazy and roll in mud’ days and best of all it’s washable and wipeable.

For those freezing cold snowy days treat your furry four legged friend to this stylish puffer style jacket. It comes with built in pockets, perfect for carrying those pesky poo bags and a detachable hood.

Fuzz Yard Aspen Jacket RRP £29.95

And finally the perfect coat for dark nights. This one’s a good all seasons coat as it’s waterproof and comes with a detachable polar fleece which can be added for those extra chilly nights. Best of all it has light reflecting beading and a light reflecting strip.