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Top 10 Best Dog Friendly Beaches in the World

Top 10 Best Dog Friendly Beaches in the World

We look at our favourite dog friendly beaches around the world.

1. Holkam Beach, Norfolk, UK

dog friendly beach holkham
Top 10 Dog Friendly Beaches in the World – Holkham Beach, Norfolk, UK

The beach at Holkham is one of the most unspoilt and beautiful stretches of sand in the country. Behind the shoreline lies a semi-circular basin. At high tides, rapidly fills to form a spectacular shallow lagoon.

Holkham National Nature Reserve, one of the largest in the country, is home to many rare species of flora and fauna. It’s dog friendly all the year round, as long as we behave ourselves and are closely supervised. It’s the favourite of our very own Wagging World dog correspondent, Rolo.

2. Phia Beach, Auckland, New Zealand

Top 10 Dog Friendly Beaches in the World – Phia Beach, Auckland, New Zealand

One of the most magnificent dog friendly beaches in Auckland is North Piha Beach. Phia is a classic kiwi summer spot and they show us where dogs can go by outlining it with poles. With serious amounts of sand to dig up, and a strong chance of meeting other furry mates,this is a good one to visit. Just be aware that the waves can be strong here, so if you’re not such a good swimmer, keep out of the water.

3. The Touquet, France

dog friendly le touquay
Top 10 Dog Friendly Beaches in the World – The Touquay, France

For us dogs this seven-kilometre stretch of beach backed by colourful huts, chic Belle Époque architecture and pine forest, is something for every dog.

No leads required on this beach, so we’re able to explore to our hearts content.  There are plenty of opportunities to sample the local speciality of moules-frites in the dog-friendly cafés and restaurants here too.

4. Hadden Park (Kits Dog Beach) – Vancouver, Canada 

dog friendly hadden park
Top 10 Dog Friendly Beaches in the World – Hadden Park Beach, Canada

Located between the ever-popular Kitsilano Beach and Granville Island, this chilled-out, picturesque beach is a dream for us dogs. It’s one of very few spots in the city where you can let us off the lead, and you’ll find plenty of driftwood logs to relax on while we rush around. Best of all, this beach boasts incredible views of English Bay and downtown Vancouver.

5. Saunton Beach, Devon, UK

dog friendly saunton
Top 10 Dog Friendly Beaches in the World, Saunton Beach, Devon

Loving this beach even if the water is in or out, as it’s huge and has a massive collection of sand dunes to frolick in. 

Located between Braunton and Croyde, Saunton Beach deserves its dog-friendly credentials as each year it holds ‘Paws on the Beach’. Billed as ‘Devon’s dog event of the year’, it is a fun celebration for pooches and owners alike.  

6. Carradale Beach, Scotland, UK

dog friendly carradale
Top 10 Dog Friendly Beaches in the World – Scotland

Carradale beach near Campbeltown in Scotland has the most stunning views, as this beautiful stretch of sand is set against a backdrop of wild flower meadows and mountains.

Visitors should check tide times before setting off to avoid getting caught up in the waves at high tide, however, there is an option B which is to take and following the sign-posted paths that surround the beach instead.

If you end up walking to Carradale Point, make sure your dog doesn’t go after the goats that roam this nature reserve!

7. Jupiter Beach, Flordia State, USA

dog friendly jupiter beach
Top 10 Dog Friendly Beaches in the World – Florida State, USA

There’s only a few remaining dog-friendly beaches in the state of Florida and this is 2.5 miles stretch of beach is one of them. Popular with both surfers, tourists and locals, Jupiter Dog Beach even has doggy waste bags provided. We’re also allowed to roam freely without being on a lead, as long as we behave! It’s a great place to watch surfers and paddle boarders too, there’s never a dull moment!

8. Tallow Beach – Byron Bay, Australia

byron bay dog friendly beach
Top 10 Dog Friendly Beaches in the World – Tallow Bay, Australia

With warm, clear waters and excellent swimming conditions, Byron Bay is home to some of the most idyllic beaches in Australia. Tallow Beach, in particular, is a great option when you let us furry friends come along for the ride. It stretches 6.5 kilometres from Cosy Corner to Broken Head, and it boasts a large designated off-the-lead area.

9. Noordwijk Beach – Noordwijk, The Netherlands

dog friendly noordwijk
Top 10 Dog Friendly Beaches in the World – Noordwijk, Holland

Noordwijk is located in the heart of the famous Bollenstreek, the flower bulb cultivation region, and is therefore also known as Europe’s floral seaside resort.

This vast white sandy beach is one of the most stunning places to take your pup for a seaside stroll. In fact, National Geographic listed Noordwijk Beach as one of the most perfect beach destinations on the planet in 2017. As if that’s not reason enough to visit, this beach is also surrounded by loads of our dog-friendly restaurants.

10. Leighton Dog Beach – Perth, Australia

dog friendly leighton beach
Top 10 Dog Friendly Beaches in the World – Leighton Dog Beach, Perth, Australia

With a two-kilometre stretch of soft, white sand, crashing waves, and plenty of other socialised pups to play with, we’re loving this pooch-friendly paradise. We’re are allowed off-leash within the area that runs south from South Cottesloe to the railway overpass, so plenty of space to rush around and have a ball.

Here’s just 10 but I’m sure we’re missing many others? If you have a favourite worthy of being classed as one of the best globally, do write in and let us know at