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Tommy, the Jackador and his hooman Poppy tell their story.

Tommy, the Jackador and his hooman Poppy tell their story.

We ask Tommy, the spritely Jackador and his hooman Poppy, to answer the famous 7 Wagging World questions.

Poppy: I am a 16 year old girl and LOVE cooking, especially delicious cakes and super duper bread. The other thing I particularly LOVE is my wonderful dog Tommy.

Tommy: I’m a 9 year old Jackador (my mum was a Jack Russell and my dad was a Labrador), and I enjoy being spoilt by my human especially when she has been baking!

We both live in Etchingham in Sussex in the UK.

The Questions:

What’s your favourite food?

Tommy:  Definitely fried fish skins but I have a naughty indulgence in peanut butter toast crusts which are  leftovers from my humans breakfast

Poppy Sushi and crisps

What’s your worst habit?

Tommy:  I am very partial to deer hunting which seems to stress my owner out for some reason.

Poppy:  I am a very messy person and don’t seem to notice when things need cleaning up

What’s your biggest dislike?

Tommy:  Any sudden bang totally stresses me out even when there is a sudden sneeze – I am a bit of a scaredy dog really.

Poppy:  Exercise although of course I have to walk my dog!

Tommy, the Jackador on his beloved Rock Beach in Cornwall

What’s your favourite walk?

Tommy:  Definitely on Rock Beach in Cornwall chasing the seagulls.  I get to meet all sorts of canine friends here as it’s a very social scene.

Poppy:  Somewhere that involves a hot chocolate stop.

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What’s your best quality?

Tommy:  I think I’m quite a well behaved dog (well I only jump on the sofas when my human is not around so that’s not counted as I’m careful not be caught).

Poppy:  I hope I’m kind to all people and animals

What’s your perfect day?

Tommy:   My perfect day is a long walk (off the lead so I can chase anything that moves) and then lying in the sun in the summer or by the fire in the winter.

Poppy:  A day out shopping with my friends which obviously involves buying my favourite dog a treat, he loves rawhide bones to chew.

Do you both look alike?

Tommy: I have short black hair.

Poppy:  I have long blonde hair – so definitely not!

Tommy, Poppy and Rolo chilling out after surfing on Rock Beach in Cornwall