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The wonderful Dog Project that will warm your heart!

The wonderful Dog Project that will warm your heart!

India Kerr, a young dog-lover who has cerebral palsy, has worked with photographer Elle Hall, to photograph and interview 100 dogs. Their stories been curated into the wonderful Dog Project book. The inspiring, community-driven Project has provided India with a means to learn to connect with others. It also continues to raise funds for charities; The Cerebral Palsy Alliance and Doggy Rescue. It’s also inspired and warmed our hearts and we hope it does yours.

Who is Indi?

India (16), who lives in Whale Beach, Sydney, was born with mild cerebral palsy and a brain injury caused by a stroke at birth. During her short life, she has had to overcome many health and learning challenges. She and her mum Tania, however, have embraced as opportunities for growth.

The Dog Project was one such opportunity. It is intended to assist India’s learning, as well as her ability to interact with her community and environment. Every Wednesday for the past year, India, Elle and the Project team, have interviewed and photographed a wide range of dogs and their owners from the Northern Beaches and beyond. The collection of images and stories burgeons with love and connection from everybody involved.

Every Wednesday for the past twelve months, India and the very special local photographer, Elle Hall, and a team of other wonderful supporters, have met and captured dogs of all shapes and sizes, with owners to match. The growing collection of images and stories is burgeoning with love, connection and sheer joy from everybody involved. It’s taken a lot longer than planned, However, throughout Indi has shown such growth and commitment to the project that it may continue. Each week, she’s focused and excited to interact, interview, be inspired by, in awe of and grateful for, each and every person and furry friend she meets.

3 of 100 wonderful wagging dogs as part of the Dog Project

Follow and support the wonderful Dog Project

We’d like you to follow and support the Dog Project. Every like and message of support, will be a squeeze for her to encourage her and the team, to keep going. The book is launched and is a huge hit, we’re not surprised. Who doesn’t love dogs and brave young ladies who love and engage with them, in such a heart-warming way?

Thank you Lizzie at Love Local Avalon and who is Murphy’s Mum. For anyone who hasn’t checked this wonderful website out, it’s worth a visit, particularly if you live in Oz!

Our Wagging World Aussie Correspondent Murphy is part of the Dog Project – what a pic!