Tales of Tails.com – do we like them?

Hi everyone, hoping you’re having a waggingly wonderful day – this is a story of our review of Tails.com.

I wanted to share my story, as it’s now been a whole year since Tails.com came into my life. What a wonderful find it’s been which has brought me and my owner great joy.

tails.com food box
I love it when my tails.com delivery arrives!

How it started

It started off quite curiously. My mum (Joss) was talking to her neighbour Emma. I love Emma, she always gives me a great stroke and welcome! Mum and her always have a good natter, which means I get to chill out with Archie, Emma’s happy-go-lucky golden lab, who’s a great pal of mine.  

Emma couldn’t talk more highly about Tails.com and the trial she’d just gone through. The easy-to-complete questionnaire means that the food is tailored to the canine needs – wowzer!). Then there’s the wonderful brand and customer experience from start to finish – my Mum Chloe loves this side of things, so there was a big old tick in that box!). And most importantly, Archie really loves the food, and I rate what he says!

I was feeling excited, Mum was feeling excited – it was a potential match made in heaven! Emma handed over the free trial coupon and our relationship with Tails.com began! 

Rolo’s Review

The food, I have to say, is delicious. Mum knows that I like a bit of meat on the top of the kibble so this is included in our order. Currently I have the chicken jelly mix – SC-RUMM-Y!. But if I’m honest, it’s a been a year now and I’m hoping Mum will get with the programme. She needs to mix it up a bit for me! I’m putting it out there telepathically. Hopefully she’ll change it to beef and veg in gravy – yummy!

Tails.com food box

There’s one thing I do need to do though which I’ve pondering for sometime around Tails.com and that’s my barking – I really do need to get it under control! It’s just that I get super excited when the man drops the order off and I go a bit berserk and my Mum gets cross. The thing is barking is one of my things. It’s very difficult to calm down when there’s a ring at the door, or there’s a postman in sight!

Anyway, enough of my barking worries, this is about Tails.com – I love it and I totally recommend it to all my Wagging World pals.

Warmest wags.


Rolo’s Owner’s Review

Last year I found out about Tails.com through one of my neighbours. We started a free two-week trial. What a find, and the wonderful customer experience and service is second to none.

Firstly, the dog food is bespoke to your canine. You fill in a short, easy-to-use questionnaire online about your dog and its dietary requirements. The food is geared towards the dog’s preferences and how old it is and any health issues it may have. Tails.com then comes back with recommendations based on the results.

Secondly, the convenience of the service is just brilliant. You get an email telling you when the next month’s delivery is estimated to arrive. Sometimes Rolo hasn’t got through all the kibble, so I just click onto the order and change the delivery date – so easy! 

See Also

Thirdly, the customer experience online is a joy. Rolo has her own profile and dashboard. I can see all sorts of interesting information relating to her food such as how many calories she consumes each day; the nutritional breakdown of the food; the recommended portions sizes just in case you forget etc etc.

tails.com food box
Your dog’s name is even on the Tails.com products!

The website is a dream to navigate and I love the way Tails.com communicates. Considering how bombarded we all seem to be with emails these days, I actually enjoy receiving Tails.com messages as there’s always a lovely dog picture that accompanies the message and the words are always endearing and light-hearted.

From a cost perspective, Rolo actually usually takes about 6 weeks to eat the 4 kg of kibble and we pay just under £20 for this.

tails.com kibble
The kibble from Tails.com which also gives the nutritional details!

A Top Tip

One top tip to bear in mind if you do decide to take the trial, when you receive your first order it comes with a plastic measurer, so do be mindful not to accidentally throw this away! It’s great to use at meal times and ensures you’re not over-feeding your pooch!

As I’ve been writing I’ve been thinking that it’s probably time to change the meat selection to something different. Variety is the spice of life after all and I’d hate for Rolo to get bored! I’m wondering what Rolo will prefer – beef or fish?  

If you want to find out more about Tails.com, you know where to go and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed by what you read and experience. Do let us know if you do take the trial or you’re already using Tails.com, we’d love to hear your thoughts.