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Staffy Roxy and her Mum Nicky tell their story.

Staffy Roxy and her Mum Nicky tell their story.

We ask Roxy, the lovable staffy and her Human Nicky Pickard, to answer the famous 7 Wagging World Questions.

When Nicky met Roxy!

Hi, I’m Nicky and live in Reading, UK. I used to own two staffies over 7 years ago and when they passed away, it just wasn’t the right time to get another dog due to work hours and being away a lot.

During the Pandemic, I like many others,, seriously thought now might be the right time. I knew things would never go back to normal workwise, so whilst watching Paul O’Grady’s For the Love of Dogs in August, I thought I would just have a little look at some dog charity sites.

I first looked at Battersea Dogs home but there weren’t many on there – which was a good thing! So then I looked at Dogs Trust and this little staffy called Roxy who had been newly added just jumped out at me. So I called the next morning and they arranged a visit for me to their Harefield site near London. The following week after doing a zoom home visit with me. I fell in love with her and on my second visit I brought her home.

She is 9 this April (2021) and she is such a good girl, so well behaved and cuddly. We go on lots of lovely walks together, she is not keen on other dogs, but we manage this and have even been to a dog park where I can let her off the lead and play ball. She has even been with me to my local pubs several times when we were allowed which is great!

Roxy looking adoringly at her human as she gets ready for work!

The Questions

What’s your favourite food?

Roxy: I get very excited when it’s breakfast and dinner time as I so look forward to my biscuits and meat, I love when Mummy fills my kong with treats as that is fun to get them all out! I also like the odd bit of banana, I have a sensitive tummy so don’t get many naughty treats!

Nicky: My favourite dish is Lasagne, but love anything really with a nice glass of red wine.

What’s your worst habit?

Roxy: I’m a very good girl but I don’t really like other dogs, especially the small yappy ones that shout at me – I tend to give them a good shout back!

Nicky: Buying things in excess, wine and perfume mainly – I don’t like the thought of running out 😊

What’s your biggest dislike?

Roxy: I don’t like it when Mummy goes out without me, even if it is 10 minutes or a few hours. I get very squeaky and excited when she comes home!

Nicky: People who don’t pick up dog poo!

What’s your favourite walk?

Roxy: I like going to the big park when it is sunny and sometimes see rabbits!

Nicky: I like it when we go on nice long walks, there is a lovely place near me called Dinton Pastures, I have not yet been there with Roxy, but will do when it is nicer weather!

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What’s your best quality?

Roxy: I love people and love when they stroke me – especially my tummy!

Nicky: Always happy go lucky and look on the bright side

What’s your favourite day?

Roxy: A nice long walk followed by a nice snuggly nap.

Nicky: Just spending time with family and friends over a nice meal – there is nothing better, especially now. I’m really looking forward to when we can do that again!

Do you both look alike?

Roxy: No Mummy has longer hair!

Nicky: I wish I had the shine on my hair that Roxy has on her coat 😊