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Remembering the wonderful labrador Sidney

Remembering the wonderful labrador Sidney

sidney labrador

To say that man’s best friend is a dog is an understatement and Sidney, my wonderful black labrador epitomises this. I had the pleasure, honour and delight of having Sidney in my life for just over six years; for the last three of those he was a tripod Labrador. He bore the loss of his front left leg (through cancer) so stoically and just got on with loving life.

Sidney the Labrador in later years

On 6th March 2019 we said our final goodbyes, as I stroked and gently whispered loving words into his ear. A peaceful and painless end for a very special dog.

My fiancé and I got married in May 2019. Sidney had been with us for our engagement photos but he just wasn’t able to keep going for the Wedding ones. Although we were devastated  we wanted him to be very much remembered as  a valued member of our family.  A little cake with him and our other dog Archie was placed next to the wedding cake and photos of our beloved dogs were on a gallery  wall.

The only time I shed tears during the day was when our daughter read a poem. My tears of love, sadness but of immense joy for the time I’d been able to spend with my wonderful boy allowed me to accept the gaping whole he’d left in my life. He would have thoroughly approved of the words and so I share this Over the Rainbow poem with you all.

A Walk to Remember: A Poem

It wasn’t sure at first as we wandered down the path

She had waited at the church, where I lay down in the long grass. She wasn’t very tall, and she looked a little tired.

But her hair danced in the wind and she offered me a smile. We set off on our way and my brother bounded by me. But I stayed close, for I could tell, the world had shifted slightly.

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Our adventures took us many places, foot and pawprints in the sand. Archie let me lead the way while the two in love walked hand in hand. They scrabbled tiles on tables on the days we stayed inside. He’d grumble when he lost, and she’d laugh at him and sigh. But when the day was done, we sat together on the sofa. Archie by his doting dad and me always beside her.

Not every day was easy, and soon my four legs became three. Our walks slowed a little more each time, til the day they carried me.  But treats there were a plenty and so we journeyed on.  We rode the train, sailed the ferry, I was never left alone.

But all good stories have an end and mine was drawing near. They held me when sleep came, they whispered love into my ear.

Now I know for sure as they wander down their path. I’ll be waiting on the other side where grows the greener grass. Watching their adventures walking by them all the while. Her white hair dancing in the wind, his face lit with a smile. As they find their way together, I know they’ll remember me. And I’ll stay close, for I know well; theirs is a love story.