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Olive and Mabel, internet superstars.

Olive and Mabel, internet superstars.

Wagging World awards Olive and Mabel Sports Doganalities of the year.

Olive and Mabel have become internet superstars during the lock-down of 2020. Their human, Andrew Cotter has helpfully supplied a commentary as they battle for sporting supremacy. Without a doubt in our opinion, Olive and Mabel deserve the title, Wagging World Sports Doganalities of the Year.

The Dog’s Breakfast Grand Final

In game one seen here, Olive’s youthful enthusiasm wins out over Mabel’s more measured approach. A win for Olive then on this most popular of contests, the Dog’s Breakfast. We wouldn’t be surprised though to see Mabel winning back the coveted title in the near future.

Game of Bones

Mabel’s undeniable experience wins out on the old favourite, Game of Bones. The older, more experienced dog shows that patience and focus will often get you what you want. We all know what it’s like when you spot an unfinished snack under the sofa. The patient wait will often yield greater results. Our own correspondent ARTHUR says he would stand a chance in this event but we’re unsure if his confidence mentioned while lying on a warm spot on his favourite rug would translate to results on the field.

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The Walk of Shame

We are in awe of the performances of both dogs on this event. The result was a dead-heat but we vote for Mabel. The studied contempt for her human in the final stages was a lesson in dominance that would be hard to fault.

More from Olive and Mabel

Olive and Mabel, Andrew Cotter
Olive and Mabel with their human, Andrew Cotter

Look out for a book about the dogs from Andrew Cotter their human who is cashing in on their sporting supremacy. The book is called: Olive, Mabel and Me: Life and Adventures with My Canine Companions, out from Black and White Publishing in October 2020