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Nelly, the Segusio Italiano and her Mum Thorunn, tell their story

Nelly, the Segusio Italiano and her Mum Thorunn, tell their story

We ask Nelly, the beautiful Segusio Italiano and her Human Thorunn, to answer the famous 7 Wagging World Questions.

When Nelly met Thorunn!

Hi, I’m Nelly, my hooman daddy saw a picture of me on good old Facebook when I was a little girl in Cyprus. I’m a hunting dog called Segusio Italiano but the people there said they was going to put me to sleep because they didn’t need me. I like my sleep but I didn’t like how they said it! So when my brave daddy flew all the way there to fetch me I looved him straight away and I was so relieved to be rescued. My hooman mummy thought he had lost the plot; falling in love with a leggy ginger girl on the inter web and gallivanting halfway around the world to meet her, but as soon as me and her looked into each other’s eyes on the wet tarmac at that Heathrow, we too fell in love. It was meant to be, she said. She said I was special and that we were meant to be a family, and even that sausage that already lived with them thought so too.

Hi, I’m Thorunn, Nelly’s hooman Mum. I’ll be brief as it seems Nelly has hogged the limelight! I’m a osteopath and have a practice in the beautiful Wivenhoe in Essex with my lovely husband Simon. We also have Matilda, the miniature Dachshund, in name and not in spirti! I love photography and have set up my own business recently, so I hope you particularly love the photos of my doggles!

Nelly and Matilda waiting patiently for Santa!

The Questions

What’s your favourite food?

Nelly: All my favourite food gives me sore tummy so my hoomans call me ‘sensitive’.

Thorunn: Anything seafood, oysters, scallops etc and i do love a Seafood Linguine.

What’s your worst habit?

Nelly: My hoomans say I’m perfect.

Thorunn: Watching Eastenders is a habit I can’t shake even though it’s bad for me!

What’s your biggest dislike:

Nelly: fireworks and shooting make me very scared and trembly.

Thorunn: I get upset by unnecessary rudeness.

What’s your favourite walk?

Nelly: I looove the beach.

Thorunn: I never get bored of the Wivenhoe trail is.

What’s your best quality?

Nelly: I give good cuddles.

See Also

Thorunn: I make a mean Negroni cocktail.

What’s your perfect day?

Nelly: On the beach with me family.

Thorunn: Going to the beach for a walk and snapping some good photos of the dogs, followed by a lovely meal cooked by my husband and a cocktail or two.

Do you both look alike?

Nelly: Our hooman daddy says our hooman mummy looks a bit like Matilda because they both have a big, pointy nose!

Thorunn:  I would love to look more like Nelly because she’s gorgeous.

Nelly and Matilda chilling!