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My Human’s Breath Smells!

My Human’s Breath Smells!

Bad breath Dog

Every week Arthur, our agony uncle is here to answer those ‘difficult’ questions that may have been bothering you

Dear Arthur

I don’t know what to do about my human, she has the most terrible smelling bad breath! Whenever she kneels down to talk to me, my nose is filled with an awful minty-smelling waft.

And she has the cheek to insinuate that I have personal hygiene issues! I came in the other day from a nice roll in a very satisfying puddle and she chased me into the bathroom where she attacked me with the SHOWER!

It’s her breath that gets to me the most though. It can be completely overpowering. What should I do?

Bijou,  Paris

Arthur Answers

bad breath

Cher Bijou,

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As I always say, personal hygiene can be a very delicate subject with humans, I think it’s because their sense of smell is next to useless. You only have to see their lack of reaction we you walk past lampposts with them to witness what I’m talking about. And don’t get me started of the awful miasma of odors that follow them out of the shower room every morning.

She probably doesn’t realize how completely overpowering her own smells are. I think you should try to cut her a bit of slack. Maybe next time she bends down with that horrible minty odor on her breath that we all know only too well, you should try covering your nose with your paws. You never know, she may get the hint.