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Murphy the Rescue Dog and Mark

Murphy the Rescue Dog and Mark

We catch up with Mark and Murphy the rescue dog who hang out in the wonderful Avalon Beach in Australia together, and ask them the 7 famous Wagging World questions.

Who they are…

Murphy is a 64 year old mongrel with a black spot.

Mark is a 64 year old white male with a black past.

The Questions and Answers

What is your favourite food?

Murphy: Anything

Mark: Anything

What is your worst habit?

Murphy: Barking at strangers.

Mark: Barking at strangers.

What’s your biggest dislike?

Murphy: Storms

Mark: Murphy when there’s a storm around.

What’s your favourite walk?

Murphy: I don’t discriminate when it comes to walks. As long as there’s a stick I’m good.

Mark: Anywhere that has sticks.

What’s your best quality?

Murphy: I think I’m pretty loyal. I’ve got a nice coat. If there’s an argument going on I simply remove myself from the situation. I’ll clean the dishes without being asked. Every now and then I have a bit of a rumble with our local cockatoo. He often wins but I’m man enough to walk away gracefully.

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What’s your perfect day?

Murphy: Every day is perfect.

Mark: Today.

Do you both look alike?

Do we look alike?

Murphy: I’m not sure if I see things the same way. Mark is certainly taller.

Mark: Yes. Absolutely.

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