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Miniature Schnauzer Maisy and Judy

Miniature Schnauzer Maisy and Judy

We ask Maisie the Miniature Schnauzer and Judy Davie, her Human the famous 7 Wagging World Questions about their lives in Avalon, NSW, Australia.

About Judy

” I guess I’m the typical Brit who is totally besotted by their dog. She’s a Miniature Schnauzer and like my child I suppose. When you work for yourself at home as I do as The Food Coach. It’s nice to have the company of a dog. You feel their presence in the house even if they can’t talk to you. If this wasn’t a dog lovers site I may not admit that Maisy and I do chat to each other – me in my voice , Maisy in my made up voice ( pathetic isn’t it! )

She gets me out of bed in the morning to take a walk and forces me away from the computer in the afternoon to take a walk – and because she’s so social I meet people through her all the time

My partner used to be jealous of Maisy until he had an operation that forced him to stay at home for a few months. Maisy stayed by his side for most of the time keeping him company, almost as if she knew he wasn’t well. Now he adores her as much as I do. She can teach us all so much about generosity of spirit. Her heart just opens up to let more and more people in.”

The Questions ( and answers)

What is your favourite food?

Maisy: Strawberry tops

Mum gives me the tops off the strawberries when she’s making her breakfast – I hear her opening the punnet and wait for them

Dad also makes delicious doggie treats which I really love and I like chicken, mince and tuna mixed with rice and vegies

Judy: That one’s far too hard It has to be fresh, great quality with nothing much done to it. My favourite food ( THIS WEEK ) was a recipe I developed on Sunday with black rice, green beans, broccolini, hot smoked salmon, toasted almonds and lemon juice

But if you ask me next week and it will be something different. 

What is your worst habit?

Maisy: When I’m left on my own I get upset and I tear up paper. Books, newspapers, magazines – anything I can find. I know I shouldn’t and I get into trouble for it but I can’t help myself. They just shouldn’t leave paper around – or leave me  

Judy: I pick my eyebrows when I’m stressed . Just now I have a little gap in my left brow ……I think I need a holiday

What is your biggest dislike?

Maisie: Being left on my own and loud noises

Judy: People who think they’re more important than anyone else. They’re usually rude.

judy davie and mintature schnauzer

What is your favourite walk?

Maisy: I love going on the beach at Bilgola Northern NSW where I can run really fast through the sand and chase seagulls but because I’m not allowed on the beach we hardly ever go. Even Miniature Schnauzers aren’t allowed! Once we went to Byron Bay on holiday and on Suffolk Park beach dogs are allowed. I had the best time ever. Sometimes when the tide is low we walk from Paradise beach to Claireville beach which is really great. I just love to be off the lead in a safe place with lots of space to run and run.

Judy: I walked Kukoda and loved it – It was less about the walk because so much of it was really hard yakka but I loved somewhere miles away from people, shops and all the trappings of our modern life. Put me up on a hill in Scotland in a place called Glenesk and I am in bliss.

What is your best quality?

Maisy: I love people

Judy: That one’s a bit hard. I think I’m an optimist and I work hard for what I believe in.

What is your perfect day?

Maisy: Jump on Mum and Dad’s bed for a cuddle and play

Walk to Bilgola beach to run and run and run.  

Have breakfast immediately without having to wait for  Mum and Dad to have coffee and chat to friends

Find a nice place in the sun to sleep – with everyone at home

Jump in the car and visit some of my lovely friends in the village

Take another nice walk and come straight home for dinner

Have a sleep, another snack and then off to bed

Mmmm apart from the beach bit , my life is perfect – I pretty much do that everyday

Judy: Start the day with an early morning yoga practice followed by a nice leisurely breakfast with beautiful fresh produce, good friends and Maisy.

Jump on board a sailing boat and sail somewhere where the sea is relatively calm and the water is pristine clean

Drop anchor somewhere to snorkel and swim

Lunch – more beautiful fresh produce which I’d be delighted to prepare provided someone else has shopped for it!

A little rest with a great book

In the early evening go to some market bizarre with interesting sights, sounds and smells and then find somewhere to have dinner and watch it all from above

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miniature schnauzer judie davey

Do you both look alike?

Maisy: Both our hair is turning grey

Judy: Maisy is much prettier than me!!!