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Meet Rolo, our cocker spaniel European Correspondent

Meet Rolo, our cocker spaniel European Correspondent


I’m Rolo and I’m a black and tan cocker spaniel – I was named after a sweet because of my colours!

I’ve got an eclectic background too. I was born in Hungary and then travelled to Dubai to find my owner. I was sooooo lucky, as my owner Joss found me, in fact on her birthday – I was her birthday pressie to herself and boy am I one lucky canine!

I’m now living in the UK in Essex which I have to say I prefer as I can be let off my lead on walks and sniff to my heart’s content, oh yes and chase squirrels – one of my favourite pastimes!

You may be wondering what I am – well in my passport it says I’m an English cocker spaniel, however, there’s been a lot of chat amongst the humans I know as to whether this is true. Apparently, I have an unusually long snout, which is very un cocker spaniel. However, I don’t listen to them! All I know is that I’m unique, my ears are long and my disposition is spot on cocker spaniel – so I’m happy with that.

“I’m not a princess even if I do suit a tiara.”

In the winter, Mum doesn’t get me groomed as much to keep me warm and I become quite curly. Check out my tiara picture. We had a party to celebrate Will and Kate’s royal wedding. Mum gave all the ladies a tiara to wear, including me – how cool was that!  However, when I’m groomed with my summer cut, I look quite different, as you can see in my working from home shot!

I’m super social (my picture probably gives it away!) and I’m never happier than greeting humans, particularly the ones I know. I also love rushing around with my furry canine pals. Keeping my social diary up-to-date is paramount. I’m known for my enthusiastic welcomes and hellos and I’ve even been known to twerk when extra excited!

Anyway, I feel so honoured to be a key canine contributor to Wagging World – what a site! I LOVE it and so does my human Joss. We’re excited to keep welcoming more and more of you to Wagging World and bringing joy to your lives.

Pawsfully yours