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Meet Dylan the Cockapoo and Debbie.

Meet Dylan the Cockapoo and Debbie.


We ask Dylan the Cockapoo, and Debbie, his human the famous 7 Wagging World Questions about their lives in Wivenhoe, Essex, UK.

About Debbie: Life with Dylan my cockapoo is special. I retired from work early due to ill health – at least that’s my excuse! When working I was an administrator at a University. As my husband and I were both at home the time was perfect for us to finally get a dog to share our lives.

So at 10 weeks old, Dylan a chocolate Cockapoo – an adorable fluff bundle – came to live with us. He came to me as a birthday present from my lovely husband. He is nearly 4 years old now and I totally adore him. I love all (well nearly all) dogs and could never ever hurt one. He is a friendly, sensitive soul who just loves people and most other dogs, although not all. I don’t think he sees himself as a dog!

I have been quite poorly and my husband has been taking him for most of his walks. I try and go in the afternoons with them. Many happy hours are spent at our beach hut, namely called “Dylan’s Den”. He has been so lovely and understanding throughout my recovery, often staying with me. He makes me smile every day. He’s also good at keeping secrets!

He loves his food and lets us know when it’s his dinner-tine! We all enjoy games that involve him finding treats. This little furry has enriched our lives and I couldn’t imagine life without him in it.

cockapoo dylan
Dylan the cockapoo and I on the ferry together

The Questions (and answers)

What’s your favourite food?

Dylan: Anything really, but I does like my dinner of biscuits and meat.

For a treat at breakfast time I enjoys scrambled eggs with smoked salmon with my biscuits. I also likes fish – I likes all fish but mackerel and sardines are yummy.

I also enjoys ice cream (doggie and hooman), treats, vegetables, chicken – anything!

Debbie: Most things too – but I am rather partial to a good roast dinner. I also enjoy fish. And anything with chocolate in.

What’s your worst habit?

Dylan: I love water – the sea, the river – any water. I also love digging in the sand and I get very dirty. Mostly my hoomans laugh and then bath me which is not fun!

Debbie:  As I’m answering I’ll say I don’t have any!

cockapoo dylan in sand
Dylan the cockapoo on the beach

What’s your biggest dislike?

Dylan: I bark at fireworks, thunder and anything that makes me jump.

Debbie: Cruelty to animals and people.

What’s your favourite walk?

Dylan: Anywhere I can run, beaches are probably my best places..

Debbie: I love rivers, lakes or anywhere near water. And anywhere with Dylan!

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What is your best quality?

Dylan: I love meeting people. I am a friendly boy.

Debbie: I hope I’m kind and thoughtful and I try to be positive.

What’s your perfect day?

Dylan: Any day when I can run and play on the beach or with my friends and my family.

Debbie: A day with hubbie and Dylan, friends or family.

Dylan the cockapoo – more action on the beach

Do you both look alike?

Dylan: I am better looking and cute.

Debbie: Dylan has natural curls and I don’t! So probably not.