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Meet Dylan, Our Cockapoo Wagging World Beach and Walks Correspondent

Meet Dylan, Our Cockapoo Wagging World Beach and Walks Correspondent

Hi peeps

My name is Dylan and I is a chocolate Cockapoo, and I will be 4 years old in November.

Wivenhoe is my home and I live there with my hooman Mum and Dad and I have many special friends. I love hoomans and most doggies, although not all of them. Some are a bit pesky so I have to tell them to go away when they become too pesky!

Where I’m from and a bit more about my family

I was born in Suffolk. My doggie Mum, Rosie, is a cocker spaniel and my doggie Dad, William, is a chocolate Cockapo. I’m very lucky cos my bruvver (same parents different litter) lives just round the corner. His name be Hughie and we have lots of fun together. Our cousin Roo also lives near us too.

What I love

Walks and being off the lead are my thing. I especially love swimming. I like to go swimmies first, my Dad throws sticks into the water for me to fetch, and then I dig in the sand – bliss!  That way I gets really filthy and they laugh a lot at me. Just as I get nearly dry when we get home I get dumped into the bath!

I have a beach hut – it’s called “Dylan’s Den”. We go there a lot and love it. Doggies are not allowed on the beach in summer. Dad takes me along the river instead for swimmies. I’m a lucky boy cos we’re out and about lots and I go away on holidays with my hoomans too. I also like mud, in fact, anything dirty. My hooman Mum says I’m a mud magnet – I’m not sure what she means!?!

I’m very pleased to be helping with Wagging World. I’ll be happy to share more about my walks and trips to beaches and my swimmies and any other things I get up to while I’m out and about. My hooman Mum Debbie will be helping me and she is very excited too.

Love & licks