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Meet Lucky, our Japanese Spitz/Pomeranian Far East Correspondent

Meet Lucky, our Japanese Spitz/Pomeranian Far East Correspondent

Hello everyone

I’m Lucky and I am a Japanese Spitz/Pomeranian born in Hong Kong on Christmas Day in 2013, and I’m delighted to be the Far East Correspondent for Wagging World.

I was named “Lucky” because I was fortunate enough to be saved from a pet shop by a lovely Chinese couple.  Unfortunately, their obstinate landlord wouldn’t let them keep me but then I think my name really kicked in, as I was adopted by a wonderful family with a lovely house and a garden and 2 other dogs.  I still live there now, 7 years later and I adore my Mum!

Lucky, the Wagging World Far East Correspondent with his pals at home.

My vetinary card describes me as a Japanese Spitz, but I never grew that big and my family think I may be a cross Spitz/Pomeranian.

As I live in Hong Kong and its mostly hot, I get my hair shaved every month – Mum likes to tell everyone that my hairdressing bill is more expensive than hers, but I am not sure…

Anyway, now its cooler they let me grow my hair and I am really rather fluffy, everyone wants to stroke me!

Despite being the smallest dog I think I am actually the boss!  I run rings around the other 2 big dogs, including “Moonbear”, a Tibetan Mastiff.  I just get on the sofa so I can look down on her and she caves, totally!

Anyway, I’m so happy for being a contributor to Wagging World – what a site! I LOVE it and so does my Mum. We’re excited to keep welcoming more and more of you to Wagging World and bringing joy to your lives.

Woofally yours