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Jake, the groodle therapy dog making a difference.

Jake, the groodle therapy dog making a difference.

One of our Wagging World fans let us know of Jake, the groodle therapy dog who has made a difference to exam students in Oz, and deserves to be featured as one of our super dogs!

Jake is a groodle (golden retriever poodle mix). He and his owner Trish Byrne have attended Pittwater School in the Northern Beaches before every scheduled exam to help the students with their nerves.

Therapy dog Jake seems to have worked his magic with many of the students. Abby Taylor is one of them. She’s in year 12 and looked out for Jake as soon as she arrived at school.

“It’s really good to get away from the last-minute stress. It’s just good to be able to walk away from that and pat a cute dog,” she said.

“She [Ms Byrne] goes around to all the different groups of students who are hanging around outside, it’s really good.

“He knows his place, he knows what he needs to do and the students love him for it. There’s some students who clearly want that sense of calm with Jake before the hall.”

School principal Dr Nancy Hillier said 2020 has been a difficult year. The school was keen to support its students. “Jake provides a calm influence to the students, they know him and he just nuzzles up to the students who seemingly need it. He’s part of our school community which is really good,” she said.

“Anyway you getting to normalise the exam period is great and Jake is a chance to make it normal.”

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Jake’s owner Trish Byrne has a daughter in Year 9 at the school. She said it has been wonderful being able to play their part. It’s great that together with Jake, they’ve been able to help older students when things can be particularly overwhelming and stressful.

We’d like to say a great big Wagging World thank you to Jake, Trish and Nancy for making a positive difference to students in need.

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