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Meet Mtoka, our Middle East Wagging World Correspondent.

Meet Mtoka, our Middle East Wagging World Correspondent.

Hi Everyone

My name’s Mtoka and I’m a Rhodesian Ridgeback. I’ve been officially made the Wagging World Correspondent covering the Middle East. It’s super exciting stuff!

A bit about my past

Although on my Kennel Club registration it says my full name is Kruger Mtoko – sired by Zuvan Kwaku and Apdeale Edie of Ridgebacks in Cheshire.  It sounds very grand but I was actually born near Manchester! 

When my hooooman first bought me home she wanted to call me ‘Etosha’, after the Game Park in Namibia.

Shortly after arriving at my new house, our next door neighbours’ daughter was heard running around the garden saying “Fiona’s got a puppy and it’s called ‘a tosser’”.  My mum looked a bit perplexed – more so than when she was house training me. One day or so later I was renamed Mtoka.  No one really knows how to say my name. Therefore for the last 12.5 years everyone calls me ‘Ma-toe-Ka, Monkey, or Baba-ganush.   

Me and the Middle East

Wagging World Correspondent Mtoka in the Dubai Desert

When I was 18 months old my Mum got a job in Dubai and I ended up getting on a plane to live in a city in the UAE.  My friend Rolo has asked if I would like to be the Middle East correspondent for Wagging World. I’m so excited to share with you all what we doggies do to keep ourselves occupied in the desert. 

I can’t wait to show you where we can go and what dog friendly places there are for your four legged friends in this amazing country.   

Lots of licks and love