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Introducing Issy, the super human

Introducing Issy, the super human

Issy is a 9 year old girl who lives in Colchester, Essex. Her Mum, Sarah, is an entrepreneurial whizz, and Issy seems to have inherited this enterprising spirit. We saw Issy’s story on Facebook and fell in the love with it, and had to share it. There’s obviously a dog connection so don’t forget to look out for it!

Issy, tell us your Super Human story

I was going to do a bath bombs business idea but I changed my mind to make t-shirts instead. I thought my business could help a little girl in my brother’s class who is 6 years old. She has to go to New York for a big operation and if she doesn’t then she might not live. I decided that I could make a business that gives some money to Lily and keeps some money to buy more t shirts to sell more for Lily.

What gave you the idea?

Me and my mum were on a walk and we were talking about my bath bomb idea because I got a bath bomb making kit for Christmas. I realised I couldn’t make bath bombs because they needed to be kept in the freezer. So we decided t-shirts would be better!

Issy modelling one of her fabulous t-shirts!

Tell me more about your friend?

Lily McKelvey is 6 and she was in my brother’s class at school. At Christmas she was diagnosed with something called DIPG which is cancer in the brain and it mostly affects children and it is very difficult to survive this. I wanted to help Lily to get to New York which is the only chance she has to survive this. Here is Lily’s story

What’s happening with your project? What’s your success story to date?

I started my business on 31st January 2021 and so far I have raised £103 for Lily with 24 t-shirts sold to date. I’m so excited and feel very proud. I’m now saving up for a printer that you can print onto t-shirts to make my business even bigger. I have even sold t-shirts to people I don’t know which I was very excited about. One of the t-shirts has a dog picture on it  – I sold my first dog t-shirt to my cousin! I love dogs and we have one as part of our family!

If you’d like to order my t-shirts, do jump onto my Facebook page @issydesignco12 😊

Issy’s Dog T-shirt

What’s your dog called and tell me your favourite story about you and her?

Nala is my dog and she is a Labrador. My best thing to do is training with Nala and we set up running and jumping courses in the house for her to go over and for me to be her trainer. She can jump high.

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Issy and Nala

Do you take after your Mum or your Dad?  And why are you similar?

I think I am like my mum because she also likes running businesses. I think my mum and me looked the same when she was 5 and I was 5.

Anything else you want to tell us?

Thank you for having me in your dog online magazine – which we all love by the way!