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Golden Labrador Archie and Emma.

Golden Labrador Archie and Emma.

We ask Archie, the golden labrador and Emma Hawes, his Human the famous 7 Wagging World Questions about their lives in Wivenhoe, Essex, UK.

About Archie

“ I’m a senior boy who’s enjoyed life to the full. A fox red lab that’s very cunning when it comes to food. I still have an amazing ability to sniff out a ball wherever it may be hiding in the undergrowth ( finders keepers, losers weepers and all that).”

About Emma

“ I came into Archie’s life relatively late, when he was already six. Having had pets in the past; cats, guinea pigs, rabbits and rats I can honestly say a dog is a man’s/ woman’s best friend. I never thought my fur baby could give me so much joy. The walks, adventures, mishaps and quiet moments together have given me a lifetime of memories to treasure. 

The Questions

What is your favourite food?

Archie: Olives, croissant & strawberries and ice cream. 

I like to think I have a discerning  palette but when it comes to treats I don’t turn my nose up to anything that comes my way. 

Emma: Mmm that’s a hard one to answer as there are so many wonderful things to eat…

If it’s fruit it would have to be a sweet juicy nectarine. If it’s veg it would be a toss up between brussels sprouts (yes you did read that correctly 🤣) and roasted sweet potato

Dessert would definitely be ginger/pineapple pavlova that my mum used to make. 

What’s your worst habit?

Golden Labrador
Golden labrador Archie on the sofa!

Archie : Taking up more than my fair share of the sofa. 

Emma: Eating too quickly as I’m always rushing to move onto the next activity. I eat to live not live to eat. 

What do you dislike the most?

Archie: When other mummies and daddies don’t pick up after their fur babies because I eat their doings and then I get into trouble! 

Emma: People who forget their manners; it doesn’t cost much to say please and thank you but can make someone’s day. 

What is your favourite walk?

Golden Labrador Archie
Golden labrador Archie loving life on the beach

Archie: All my walks are great but I do love to swim so for me any of the superb beaches in Essex and Norfolk where I’m allowed to have a dip. 

Emma: It has to be around the lake and in the woods at the NT estate at Felbrigg in Norfolk. 

What’s your best quality?

Archie: Being laid back and friendly. 

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Emma: Being a good friend. 

What is your perfect day?

Golden Labrador Archie in his element on the beach

Archie: A lazy start to the day (I am 12 so in my senior years )usually out by 8am with a gentle walk coming home for breakfast and a snooze. I like to keep my eye on mum so wherever she is I’m close by,especially like it when she’s reading her kindle on the sofa so we can snuggle up together. An afternoon stroll in the nearby woods followed by more snoozing. Dinner is always around 5 but sometimes I have to remind mum if she’s busy. Then another short walk for my business. An evening stroll/ paddle along the beach at Frinton before going home to snooze on the sofa before bedtime.  Perfect 🐾🐾

Emma: A Saturday when I’ve got both my boys with me (husband & dog) and we’re up in Norfolk. An early morning stroll along the quiet sands followed by a hot chocolate and piece of cake at the Hilltop Cafe at Overstrand. Back to our place to chill with some reading and the odd game of Scrabble.

Late morning stroll at Sheringham Park and then head over to The Dales for lunch in their garden. 

Back to our place to relax and then after a light tea an evening stroll at Felbrigg. Nothing rushed,slow and easy, which is unusual for me as I normally like to be busy.

Do you both look alike?

Archie: Nope I’m sleek and mum’s frizzy. 

Emma: We both have brown eyes but that’s where the resemble ends.