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Gifts for Dog Fathers

Gifts for Dog Fathers

We’ve compiled the top gifts that we think the Dog Father in your life will love. It’s probably time that your fur child gave a woof of appreciation for all the walks, sneaky treats and trips to the pub via the dog park.

The perfect gift for any Dog Dad is a mug. One of our favourites is by Sweet William who specialise in handmade gifts for dog lovers. Their range is stylish and timeless. The mugs are made from 100% English earthenwear, are robust and are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Another one from Sweet William is the more classic gift of cufflinks with a matching collar tag. They do most breeds, with a few exceptions, they don’t seem to do any mixed breeds so if you’re sharing your life with a cavapoo or a labradoodle you might need to look elsewhere.

One for the Dog Father whose furry child takes precedent over their 2 legged child. This one’s by Claire Close and hand printed in Devon.

This one’s for the stylish Dog Dad about town. The perfect case for carrying those pesky poo bags and some handy dog treats. They come in a variety of colours and can be personalised.

And now some gifts for the art loving Dog Dads. The first one is a personalised dog and owner portrait. Done in a comic art style. It’s easy to order with a drop down menu to choose things such as hair colour, glasses or no glasses, beard etc they also have a comprehensive list of dog breeds.

And finally the most expensive gift but one of our favourites is this print by Atlas and I. It’s a personalised print of your favourite walk with silhouettes of your dog or dogs. Again it’s easy to personalise with drop down menus for dog breed and the map’s created from a postcode.

Happy Shopping! If you’re all shopped out for the Dog Dads in your life and are looking to treat your Dog Mum then check out our list of top buys for the Dog Mum in your life.