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Excited Dylan and dog friendly beaches in South Wales.

Excited Dylan and dog friendly beaches in South Wales.

It’s Dylan here, the Wagging World Beach and Walks Correspondent. I wanted to share with you a great holiday I recently had with my hoomans to dog friendly beaches in South Wales.

I took them as they’re good at feeding me and clearing up after me and they needed a break too! And I was pondering how to share all the news and not miss anything, so I’ve landed on reporting on a daily basis, so you experience it as I did!


We got up very early and had a long car ride to a lovely house in Penally, Pembrokeshire. It’s called Spindrift and we chose it for the beautiful, expansive views and the fact it is an upside-down house and dog-friendly. On the way we stopped at two National Trust places so I could have “comfort” breaks (that’s what me M called it!).

Dylan chilling out in dog-friendly South Wales

SUNDAY the house is lovely and near to Tenby and today we went to Penally beach, which was great particularly as it’s an approximate ½ hour walk from the house. However, you can also drive and park for free at the train station. It was a nice walk through the sand dunes to the beach. There was lots of doggies and I did swimmies and dug big holes – one of my favourite past times. The hoomans talked to other doggie hoomans and got lots of ideas where to go. We also went to a nearby place called Manorbier which is a small bay and very pretty.   

Dylan in heaven on one of the dog-friendly beaches in South Wales

MONDAY as it be sunny again we went to Wisemans Bridge and Amroth beaches which are linked. There are nice walks through woodland to get to the lovely beaches so I went swimmies and did digging again .And we shared ice cream – yum. Me and D went for a nice walk through a National Trust woodland to a stream – it was very nice with lots of new sniffs to experience.

TUESDAY South beach in Tenby (the north beach near the harbour is not dog friendly so beware my doggie friends!) was our first stop. And later, we had a lovely walk on the coastal path at Penally. There were lots of cows but I was on my lead and they were in their field. There wasn’t any drama this time around – phew! I not like them very much and tend to bark and then get told off by my hoomans!

Dylan and his hooman Rob enjoying the dog friendly beaches of South Wales

WEDNESDAY we drove to St Davids, the smallest city in the UK! It has a lovely cathedral and we walked round the town. It was nice and the hoomans bought hot pasties and cakes. We took them to Newgale beach. It’s a huge 2 mile long beach (with one dog-friendly section) and we shared our pasties there. Again, I did swimmies and dug holes. There were a lot of other doggies to run around with – it was great fun. On the way home, we stopped at pretty Stackpole Quay and we pottered around.

THURSDAY kicked off with a trip to Freshwater East beach which has a great big bay with a stream at the side. We had ice cream again! It was a good job I did swims and runabout otherwise I think I’d get fat! Then me and D went for a short walk at a place called Bosherton where there is lots of woodland and lilly ponds.

Dylan on hols in dog friendly South Wales

FRIDAY today the lady who lives next door to our holiday house told my hoomans that her favourite place is Angle. She has 2 doggies. We went there and it was fab. A big sandy bay with lovely views and lots rock pools at one side. There was a free car park (that pleased D) and a lovely café. We all had a fun time – me in the sea and digging and we all looked in the rock pools. We also had ice cream again.

Dylan on dog friendly Angle Beach, South Wales

SATURDAY today we had to leave our holiday house and travel home – boo. But we stopped at Goodrich Castle which is owned by English Heritage. EH are very dog friendly – we had lunchies and a lovely walk to the castle. I was absolutely shattered from all my swimmies and fun holidays so I slept all the way back in the car.

Dylan and Rob checking out Goodrich Castle in dog friendly South Wales

It was a lovely holiday with lots of dog friendly beaches and we were so lucky as the sun shone for us every day.