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Dog Thunderstorm Anxiety /Ask Arthur

Dog Thunderstorm Anxiety /Ask Arthur

dog thunderstorm anxiety

Every week Arthur, our agony uncle is here to answer those ‘difficult’ questions that may have been bothering you. Today he answers a correspondent with Dog Thunderstorm Anxiety

Dear Arthur,

I get frightened every time there are big noises and flashes of light outside.  I always end up hiding under my humans’ bed and lying with my paws over my ears, shaking and waiting for it to pass. I’m worried that I may even wet myself, I get so anxious. What should I do?

Mr. Snuggles, Perth. Western Australia

Arthur Answers

dog thunderstorm anxiety

Dear Mr Snuggles,

Watch out, there’s a big MONSTER coming to get you!

No just kidding, it’s just thunder and lightning. It’s time for you to dog up and face the facts. It happens once in a while and it will always pass. What do you think our wolf ancestors did when there was a storm  – go and hide shaking under the trees? Of course not, legend tells us that they bravely howled at the sky in defiance. I’m not suggesting you do that, your humans may have a thing or two to say if you did but really, just chill out. You may even be able to persuade them to give you some tasty treats to calm you down if you’d only come out from under their bed!

Dog Thunderstorm anxiety can be really debilitating to the weaker dog. There are some who swear by listening to calming music during the storm. It may be worth a try

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If you really can’t pull yourself together and start finding your inner wolf, I can offer ( at very competitive rates) a one – on – one consultancy through my clinic in Malibu California.

Please let me know if you need extra help. In the meantime, try not to wet yourself as you lie shaking under your human’s bed.