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Dog Leash Problems / Ask Arthur

Dog Leash Problems / Ask Arthur

dog leash problems

Every week Arthur, our agony uncle is here to answer those ‘difficult’ questions that may have been bothering you

Dear Arthur,

Every time my human and I go out for a walk, he insists on tying something onto my neck that stops me running around. It’s driving me nuts! All I want to do is smell all the trees, say hello to other dogs and just run up and down for a bit but every time I try, I feel a tug on my neck and my human stops me from doing anything but walk along next to him at a very slow pace. I think I’ll go mad if this behavior continues. I’ve tried training him to let me go but he pays no attention. What can I do?

Fred, Chipping Campden UK

Arthur Answers

Dear Fred,

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Forgive me for assuming that you’re still quite young? Either that or you’ve been living on a different planet to the rest of us for the past few years. It’s called a DOG LEASH! Dog leash problems try the best of us but you’ll eventually get used to it. It’s part of the bargain our ancestors made with the humans in exchange for the food and shelter (although sometimes you’d wonder who gets the best deal!) I can’t imagine a wolf accepting a leash but one of them must have all those years back. The food then must have been spectacular and a lot different to the dried stuff we get given these days.

They don’t like us running wild, I’ve never completely understood it myself but there it is. The best thing you can do is be patient. More often than not, a nice run will turn up. Not as often as you’d like maybe but while you’re running around, remember all the treats you get and the nice warm bed you sleep on at night. If those things aren’t coming in a healthy supply though, as soon as you’re let off that leash – KEEP RUNNING!