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Dog Horoscope for October

Dog Horoscope for October

dog horoscope

Every month our resident mystic, Millie Stargazer brings us an up to date Dog Horoscope to guide your decisions.


If ever there was a month when you should be conscious of what you say, then October is that month. I see possible confrontations at the park and even possibly with your humans. Be careful to think before you bark, a cross word in the wrong place could lead to disaster.


I see abundance for you this month’s dog horoscope, Cancer. Bone up on your begging skills and practice those sad puppy-dog looks, you will have more treats coming your way than you can dream of.

Puppy Dog eyes. Cancer dog horoscope


Sirius the dog star is in your house this month Leo so be aware that now is the time when the call of your ancestors is at its strongest. Whether you are a Poodle or a Rottweiler, you will hear the call of the wild and feel the urge to howl at the moon. Make the most of these days to come to terms with your ‘inner wolf’ but resist those primal urges if they lead you into fights over territory or food. I see bad relationships with your humans as a possible outcome so be vigilant.


That ‘special someone’ at the dog park may have left a message for you. Don’t be afraid to act on your impulses just this once, it could lead to a long-term romance.  Brush up on your social skills and make sure that you’re smelling interesting for that long-awaited meeting.


I see irritations for you this month Libra in the shape of CATS! Be on the lookout for signs of feline infiltration into your pack or for the usual name-calling from the safety of trees. If you’re unlucky to have one in your pack already, I’m afraid I can only see chaos.

Libra. Beware of CATS


Something that was wrong can be put right this month, Scorpio. If  you feel like you’ve been left alone in the house for too long lately or that your bowl hasn’t been as full as it should be, now is the time to let your grievances be heard.


I can see discovery for you this month Sagittarius. Look a little harder than you usually do and you may find discarded sausages, un-chewed shoes or even that perfect stick you’ve been searching for. Be wary of all discoveries though, one of them may come with a sting in its tail. I see a visit to the vet as a shadowy possibility.

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The Postman is rising in your house this month Capricorn and as we all know, this is a warning to be vigilant for unwelcome strangers. Try to keep calm if you sense an unusual presence, the strong influence of the postman in your firmament could lead to cross words from your humans if you make your feelings known.


Try to participate in some group activity if you can this month. You normally fit in with most gatherings but this month is perfect to make new friends. It’s a perfect time to explore new routes for your walk and new parks to run in. Be firm in your direction and your humans will follow.


Being over-zealous to make your point will see you causing the occasional drama. It appears you want to put on a bit of a show and appear important. Be careful not to get ideas too above your station, especially around larger dogs.


Dear Taurus, what a fantastic month you have ahead. Get yourself ready for numerous treats, more walks than normal and a possible amorous encounter. Your fields are full of rabbits and your bowl full of food. Make the most of it because the rest of the year looks quite bleak!