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Dog Horoscope for November

Dog Horoscope for November

dog horoscope

Every month our resident mystic, Millie Stargazer brings us up to date Dog Horoscopes to guide your decisions.


Good news Capricorn on this month’s Dog Horoscope. Sirius the dog star is in alignment with your ruling planet Saturn. I see the potential discovery of something big this month like an unattended steak or a good shoe to chew. With the good news though often follows the bad and I can sense possible cross words later in the month from your human but don’t let it bother you, it will probably blow over.


They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and you may find that this month your old tricks will serve you best. Be wary of new acquaintances with fresh ideas, they could lead you into trouble.


You know sometimes when you’re eating and the bowl slides away and you can’t keep up? Well unfortunately that’s how November looks like it’s going to be for you Saggitarius


Remember that treats don’t always come to those who wait, sometimes you have to seek them out. November could be a challenging month for you Aquarius, don’t forget those little hiding places behind the fridge and under the bed that you’ve been saving for a rainy day.


Cats as we all know can be a nuisance and unfortunately I see a feline influence on the coming month for Taureans as Leo rises in your house. Try to keep control of your temper and only bark if they get really insulting. It will be a trying time for you but your solid down to earth attitude should keep you out of any serious trouble.

Dog Horoscope


Remember that every tree or lamppost has a different smell so whether you’re on or off the leash be thorough – you could find a message from an old friend.


Left or right? If you find which side of your mouth to comfortably hang your tongue out of or your tail to wag, everything else will fall into place. Equilibrium is the key word for Pisces this month


They can be irritating at times but they’re always there for you so give your humans a lick this month Aires let them know you appreciate their loyalty. They may come in useful towards the end of the month.


The Postman is rising in the house of Leo in November so keep a check on your temper. Be particularly wary of bicycle wheels and whistling tradesmen, both could lead you into trouble.

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I see nothing but green grass, Rabbits to chase and fresh new smells for you lucky Gemini. Get out there and enjoy November, this is going to be your month


Oh dear Virgo, I’m afraid my reading for you isn’t looking too good. I’d advise a month of snoozing in a comfortable spot waiting for the Universe to realign itself in your favour. Whatever you do, don’t get in the car, I can only see it leading to the vet.


A mixed month for Librans, on one hand there will be new smells at every corner, on the other hand not all of them will be good. I see a possible new romance at the end of the month.