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Are you ready for a dog? Be smart and think it through.

Are you ready for a dog? Be smart and think it through.

are you ready for a dog

Are you ready for a dog? Is it truly what you want? This is the time to really think things through.

We’ve been speaking to a lot of friends during Covid and have had to get them to swap their rose-tinted glasses for realistic hats, before they make their final decision.  

Don’t get me wrong, every time I see a puppy I say to the owner  “You can’t beat a puppy”!  They are cutesy, irresistible bundles of fun and bring us great joy, however, when they are growing up they need A LOT of attention and structure. It can be a rude awakening for people who have never had a dog before.

In fact, this happens more and more sadly. Here’s some interesting stats from the Kennel Club that don’t surprise us.

  • 10% of puppy owners said that they bought their puppy on an impulse
  • 40% said that they’d bought a puppy because of the way it looked
  • Only 10% said they’d bought a puppy after checking that it suited their lifestyle – this one is the most important to think through.

We’re here to help. If you want a reality check, why don’t you take a look at the checklist below to help keep you away from those rose-tinted spectacles and really think through whether a dog is right for you or not.

Are you ready for a dog? How much energy have you got v how much energy has your pup got?

Important questions to see if you are ready for a dog or not….

Buckle your seat belts:

  • Do you have enough space ie. how big is your dog; if it’s big do you have a garden?
  • Do you have the time to look after the dog and cater for its needs?
  • Can you afford one? Dogs are expensive ie. food, treats, leads/collars, toys, insurance, vets bills, grooming etc.
  • Do you have enough time to exercise it, train it, care for it?
  • Can you keep your dog company? And, if you are working all hours away from home, can someone else look after your dog?
  • What do other members of your family think? Is this a unanimous decision?
  • Will the new puppy or dog get along with your other pets?
  • How do you feel about picking up poo?!
  • If your heart is set on a puppy, have you got a lot of patience and a forgiving nature. Puppy’s teeth like babies, so there can be unwelcome situations at home such as chewing of sofas and shoes.
Are you ready for a dog? Will your other pets get on with your new dog?

So now you’ve had a ponder, don’t despair if you’ve come to the conclusion the time may not be right. As a dog lover you know it’s for the best, as you want to make sure the dog has everything it should.   Your dog will be worth the wait in gold, and once your circumstances have changed then click here to find your perfect four-legged companion.