About Us

Wagging World is an online news and lifestyle site run by dogs and their friends. Each week we feature articles on style, stores we love, anything in the news that we think you might like to know about, in-depth interviews with dogs and their humans and anything to be honest that just makes us laugh.

Some Fun Facts about Wagging World:

– We have two regular dog columnists, Arthur who can answer any questions a reader might have about their human and Millie, a psychic who writes our monthly horoscopes.

– Each month around 54,000 people check out the site and we’d personally like to thank every single one of them.

– We’ve been going┬ásince 2013 (that’s quite a long time in dog years).

– And finally we pretty much LOVE anything to do with dogs. So please do say hello if you think there’s something you think we should know about.

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