Left Paw or Right Paw?

Dogs can be left pawed, right pawed or ambilateral (here at wagging world we think ambi-pawed would be a better word). When I first saw this, on the fantastic documentary The Secret Life of Dogs I was completely taken aback by the fact. Of course in hindsight it seems obvious, why wouldn’t they be!

running-dogTo see which paw is your dog’s dominant paw just watch which paw it holds down its kong or toy with. That’s its dominant paw (we tried this a few times before coming to a final decision).


 And just like when a human is right handed or left handed. Your dog being right pawed or left pawed means that the opposite side of the brain is controlling the thought process for that paw. Which according to researchers means that your dog’s paw preference could give you an insight into its behaviour and personality traits.

So your dog’s a lefty.

According to research it’s more likely to be an individual, freethinking kind of dog. It’s less likely to be a guide dog for the blind (they’re mainly right pawed) and it’s much more likely to be a search and rescue dog. On a more negative note  it might show aggression to strangers (more info HERE).

What about right pawed dogs

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 1.31.44 pm

Research shows that they’re slightly more placid than their left pawed contemporaries, with the vast majority of Assistance Dogs being right pawed. Read all about it HERE. We’ve run the tests here at Wagging World and we have one leftie and one rightie on the team and we’re still trying to work out if one is more obedient that the other!

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