Ever wondered what your breed of dog says about you?

According to research by Frontline the breed of dog you choose to spend your life with says a lot more about you than you imagine. The research claims breeds can give an insight into an owners personality, education and even the wealth of the owner.

samson one

So what did it uncover?

Well if you’re spending your life with a Yorkshire terrier you’re said to be the happiest and if you’re hanging out with a Dalmatian you’re more likely to drive a sports car. Those with French Bulldog meanwhile were discovered to be the ‘biggest rockers’.

The research, carried out in conjunction with 2,000 dog owners, claims to have found people with pugs are likely to be rich and those with Chihuahuas devote the most time to their animal.


The happily married households of Britain are, the survey found, most likely to own a pug.

Researchers found pet lovers who owned golden retrievers are the “most intelligent”, with nearly a quarter of those surveyed holding a masters degree or PhD.

More than half of those who bought a pug are happily married, while one in 12 bulldog owners were hoping to break up with their partner at the time of questioning (oh dear!)


Those who own Dalmatians are said to spoil them more than any other dog,

Chihuahuas – beloved of today’s celebrities – appear to demand the most attention from their human companions, with the average owner spending 16 hours a day by their side.

A typical Yorkshire terrier owner claimed they laughed an average ten times a day and class themselves as “happiest”.

dudley beane
image of Dudley the Rock ‘n’ Roll Yorkie

According to the study:

Happiest – Yorkshire terrier

Richest – Pug

Most dedicated (in terms of time) – Chihuahua

Most dedicated (in terms of money) – Dalmatian

Most educated – Golden retriever

Biggest rockers – French bulldog

Believe their dog knows what they’re thinking – French bulldog

In a relationship but looking to get out of it – Bulldog

Happily Married – Pug

Single – Labrador

Owns a sports car – Dalmatian

No research was done into what type of person you are if you’re choosing to spend your life with a loveable but naughty rescue dog….we’re adding our own category to that and saying that you’re just a wonderful person who loves dogs.

{source: telegraph.co.uk}

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