9 unexpected things that happen to dog owners

 You LOVE your dog……but there were some things that you weren’t quite expecting, like:

image via finton bryan

1. The cost of walks, grooming, boarding, and vet visits. You’re not going to be stingy about taking care of him, and the people who run these businesses totally know that.

samson six

2. Weekend mornings when you want to sleep in and he has other ideas. “Wake up, sleepyhead! It’s time to pee and play!”

samson two

3. Drool in the spot on the sofa where you were about to sit. Or, oops, you did sit.

samson three

4. Fur all over the house. And the car. And everything you own. You didn’t think he was supposed to shed that much, but your black dress now had a thin layer of white over it.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 9.58.55 AM

5. Stolen food. It was just on the table — or in your hand — but now it is not. Guess you weren’t the only one who wanted a bagel.

dudley train

6. That moment when you think you didn’t bring a bag on your walk. What are you going to do if he has to go? Just leave it on the street? Come back with a bag later? Just kidding! You have a bag. THANK GOD.

dud 2

7. His refusal to go out in the rain. As if you were psyched about it.


8. Wet dog smell after he comes in from the rain. Also, paw prints on your floor and the potential of being sprayed when he shakes himself off.


9. Those sad eyes when you leave. Sure, go ahead without him. No worries. He’s just your best friend.



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