Is your dog getting enough exercise?

Or are they guilty of lying on the sofa snoozing the days away? If you’re concerned that it’s the later then you can start tracking your dog’s activity levels with the Kickstarter backed invention FitBark. It’s a cute little bone shaped device that you attach to your dog’s collar, it then monitors their activity 24/7 and syncs via your smartphone, or that of an authorized friend or family member. I’ve been resisting attaching one of the human versions to myself as I’m guessing it will tell me to get off the sofa and start moving more. I would though be tempted to attach one to the dog. If only so I could see how much movement goes on when I’m not in the house (I’m guessing not much). If you’re interested they’re on sale now for $99.95

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 6.12.30 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 6.10.37 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 6.09.56 PM

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