Does your dog want a Christmas Present?



There you all are racing around, looking stressed and dare I say it a bit flushed early on in the day. Often you’re all so busy on Christmas Day that you try and forget about my WALK and then, then you all sit there having a lovely time opening your presents and when it comes to my turn you just look at each other and say ‘he’s only a dog, dogs don’t want presents’. WHAT! DID YOU ASK ME? Sorry, but I’m here to tell you on behalf of all the dogs out there that we most DEFINITELY do want presents. We LOVE presents, thank you very much. Now I’m thinking that you just don’t know what to buy us, so to help you along I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite things, just so that you can let Santa know early. This is Part One of my list and in between my naps I’m working hard on Part Two.

1/ Cloud 7 Dog Bowl

I’ve been watching a lot of interiors shows recently on the TV. To be honest that’s all that seems to be on, well if you don’t count the howling show with Simon Cowell and the cooking shows. Why am I not allowed to howl! Now where was I? Oh yes, interiors. Having checked out quite a few designer homes I’ve come to notice that my bowl really isn’t cutting it anymore. So I’d like this Cloud Seven Dog Bowl Please. It comes with chalk so I can write you messages (when I learn to write).

Bowl Chalk_Paula 2

2/  A Doggie Christmas Stocking

Everybody else has one and I’d like one too. This one can have my name written on it. Which I like. It also means no-one will steal it. I’d like you to fill it with treats PLEASE.


mutts and hounds

3/ Sasha and Me Fofo Bed

As I mentioned before after watching LOTS of decorating shows on TV (do humans not do anything else?). I’m pretty clued up on trends and I know that luxe is back. On that note, it’s time for a new bed. This looks glamorous and comfy to me.


4/ Wildwash Pet Fragrance No 2

You weren’t expecting this one were you? You think just because I like to roll in the odd rat or two that that’s how I always want to smell. But, this is Christmas Day and you never know who I might bump into – a dog’s got to look his best. Remember it’s fragrance No 2 (grapefruit, bergamot and ginger) the manly one. Not the girly fragrance No 1.


5/ Road Kill Toy

I LOVE these toys. They’ve already been squished and even though they don’t smell like the real thing. They’re still really good fun. They would also fit in the Christmas stocking mentioned above.


6/ Food

I’ve mentioned it quite a few times, but I’M ALWAYS HUNGRY. I love you, but you’re starving me. So this Christmas I’d like turkey and treats and bones and well pretty much everything on the kitchen worktop and if you can fix that for me, that would be my PERFECT CHRISTMAS.



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