Does your dog have the answer on how to live a happy life?

How often have you looked at your dog snoozing away on the sofa whilst you’re racing around stressed, thinking about the million and one things that you have to do and haven’t done? Then you’ve caught yourself and thought:

‘The dog has a better life than I do! They know how to enjoy every moment and live their life to the full’.

dog 2

The book A Dog’s Guide to Happiness came about because of a chance meeting at a party in Sydney Australia between me and a good friend’s sister, Jenny who was at the time visiting from the UK. We bonded over a mutual love of dogs (she was a follower of Wagging World) and the idea for the book was born (if books can be born)!. Jenny’s a talented illustrator and her images are all hand painted in her home studio in Devon. The book features an image with a corresponding quote, which we hope will simply make people smile.

dog 4

We received our first copies of the book from the printers 3 weeks ago and since then it’s definitely been ‘interesting’. We’ve been overwhelmed by the response and people have been very kind and so far very patient with us. The books already been picked up by 2 major UK distributors (so hopefully it will be in a shop near you soon) and we’ve got lots of stockists coming on board every day. I am going to put a list together soon for the website.

dog 5

love unconditionally



So if you’re looking for a Christmas Gift for the dog lovers in your life or you’d like to treat yourself, it’s for sale on our online store and it retails for £5.99 (we post all over the world).

Tracey x

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