10 things that dog people understand

If you live your life with a furry friend then you may find you may find yourself doing things or thinking about things a little differently to your non dog loving friends. These are just a few ways that ‘dog lovers’ think differently…..Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 5.12.19 PM
image via pinterest

1/ That there’s nothing better than returning to your dog after a long hard day.

2/ It really is the end of your world when they’re sick.

3/ You really enjoy telling people what your dog did today and you don’t understand if they’re not interested.

4/ Even when they’re smelly, you still don’t mind (too much) how stinky they are.

5/ If your dog dislikes something you start to dislike it too.

6/ You know they can manipulate you to get their own way and you’re OK with that.

7/ That you can always expect unconditional love. Seriously! ALWAYS! Without complications!

8/ You hate telling them not to do something.

9/  You don’t like leaving them behind either – in fact in a perfect world you’d take them everywhere with you.

10/ You know deep down that your dog understands you in a way that no human can and that just being with them makes you happy.


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