Does your dog have firework phobia?

Whilst lots of people might be looking forward to Fireworks night, lots and lots of dog owners I know are dreading it….why?

Because their dog is phobic about fireworks.

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All those ear-piercingly loud crashes, bangs and screeches that seem both endless and unpredictable to human ears are amplified because of a dog’s sensitive hearing and if your dog isn’t used to rockets going off around the corner from where he lives (and let’s face it which dogs are?) then they’re liable to become anxious, distressed and agitated. Add to that the problem that in lots of cases Fireworks night isn’t restricted to one night – November 5th…it can last for what seems like a month …and well, you’ve  got not only a huge problem but a very unhappy dog. Something nobody wants.

What are the signs that your dog is phobic about fireworks?

According to Pet Behaviour Counsellor Karen Wild many cats and dogs are afraid of loud noises. Some may go on to develop a phobia, which means they experience an extreme reaction to a particular stimulus or trigger, such as noise. Phobias get worse over time and most pets don’t tend to ‘grow out’ of a phobia. Signs that your dog’s fear has become a phobia are:

Extreme reactions such as shaking, salivating or toileting in the house, howling, destructiveness or hiding, cowering or running away.

What can you do to help your dog?

You can treat your dog with herbal medicine. Dorwest have been producing herbal medicine for dogs since 1948 and have over 60 years of specialist experience in herbal treatments for companion animals.


How herbal products can help

Herbal products are very effective in reducing anxiety by calming and relaxing dogs and cats naturally. They are widely used over the firework period, with millions of doses being sold every year. A popular choice with virtually no side effects, they do not totally sedate pets but enable them to relax and not be concerned about the noises that would normally cause fear and distress.

What would they recommend for Firework Phobia?

Scullcap and Valerian Tablets are a veterinary herbal medicine. They relieve anxiety, nervousness and excitability in pets. Dogs need 1 tablet for every 5kg they weigh. The dose needs to be split morning and night. So if your dog weighs 10kg they need 2 tablets, 1 in the morning and 1 at night. This dose can give double this amount when the fireworks are at their worst, giving the second dose 2 hours before dusk – the double dose can be given as long as necessary.

Another option is Organic Valerian Compound – this is a liquid that acts quickly in around 30 minutes when given by mouth. This supplement can be given in addition to Scullcap and Valerian tablets as a top up for especially frightening events – the handy info graphic below gives you all the info.

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Is herbal medicine the right treatment for your dog this fireworks season? 

A survey done last year after the fireworks season revealed that 98% of Dorwest’s customers would recommend Scullcap and Valerian for noise phobia and that 95% would recommend the Organic Valerian Compound. The feedback both on their site and on trust pilot reveals wonderful results.

“Without these tablets our dog would not go out for walks for a good two weeks either side of Firework night. Last year I used the Scullcap and Valerian Tablets and we managed to get him out for a walk on several days. They also kept him calmer when the fireworks were going off outside” 

“May I thank you for your Scullcap & Valerian Tablets. The difference they made to my Lurcher throughout the firework period was amazing and helped her cope with what, to her, had become a very difficult time. At the first bang she normally would dive into a corner and lie there trembling for hours. However two days after starting the tablets and Valerian Compound she just came and laid beside us and did not tremble at all that evening. We kept the dosage up for the whole three weeks and will start it again just before Christmas and New Year when we expect more fireworks. Thank you also for your very prompt service, twenty five hours after placing the order it was in my hands! ” S Phayer, Hants 

“Colin our rescue fox terrier from 3 mths ago hated the car so much ,we had to drag him past just to get out for a walk. He loves the walks at the other end but was terrified in the car .We had used scullcap & valerian tablets before on another dog so we started them 3 weeks ago on Colin and the red letter day came last week when we opened the car door and he jumped straight in Thanks so much .”

“We use Scullcap and Valerium for our highly strung labrador and it works a treat. It has made a real difference to her and also helps her stress incontinence, brilliant product, happy dog !!”


If you’ve got a dog that’s scared of fireworks or if you’d like to chat to someone who can help out with any questions you might have about herbal medicine Dorwest have a helpline where trained advisers are happy to listen and give advise on specific queries 01308 897272

They are also holding Friday Facebook sessions during 1pm – 2 pm which will be ‘firework phobia focussed’ during the firework season.

Special firework combo packs are available from Dorwest online – starting at £16.08 for a small pack. They also have a lots of useful advice and tips for coping with the firework season HERE

I hope with forward planning everyone has a safe and phobia free fireworks season.

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