Mystic Millie’s Doggie Horoscopes for November

 Mystic Millie the world’s only Doggie psychic and reader of the stars looks up to the heavens and gives all the dogs out there her predictions for the month of November.



If you’ve been feeling a little bit of extra weight around your tummy or have had a bad hair month, don’t despair, I see the signs of a ‘new you’ in November with a shiny nose and an alluring odour. Step out in style and make the changes that will make you the one to be noticed at the park.


Don’t listen to any unkind comments from other dogs this month Sagittarius, stay true to your path and soon you’ll be leaving all the doubters behind. If you have a vision, stay focussed, this is the month to find that special stick or perhaps even buried treasure.

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Beware of strangers. The postman is rising in your house and with his disruptive influence comes whistling builders, boys on bicycles VETS and other irritating humans. Be on your guard and try to keep your temper, you will be tested but a reward will come at the end of the month if you keep your cool.


Oh dear Aquarius, I see nothing but noisy omens for November. Be prepared for unexpected thunderstorms, fireworks and dropped trays. Your nerves will be jangling by the end of the month and you will need a good rest. Try to stay as calm as you can.


You’ve been feeling constrained lately and this month it’s time to assert your authority, don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Make sure your human understands that you need to run and explore, if you feel the pull of the leash too much, be sure to show your discontent. I see possible trouble looming at the end of the month in the shape of CATS, be on your guard.

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I see a mysterious figure on your horizon Aries. It could be that ‘special someone’ you’ve been waiting for or a renewed friendship with an old acquaintance. Be prepared to be swept off your paws with new adventures and discoveries.


You know when you lick your bowl in the forlorn hope that you’ve missed something? November will be a little like that for you, no matter what you do you will feel slightly unfulfilled. Try not to get too distracted and stay on course to the end of the month where I see full bowls and plenty of treats.


Your world is brimming over with possibilities in November Gemini, make the most of them and seize every opportunity to have a good time, whether a satisfying run in the park, a swim in a pond or a successful chasing of BIRDS, everything will be in your favour this month and you deserve it. Have fun.


Your dreams may have been troubled of late Cancer. This was because the Hare and Saturn were both in your house. Luckily they will have moved by the beginning of the month and you can freely dream again of chasing rabbits through green fields without the worry of them turning into nightmares. Be on special alert for dropped food towards the end of the month when luck favours you.


You’ll feel like you have special powers this month, sticks and balls will be thrown for you, treats given in plentiful supply and good things said about you from every direction. Don’t let it go to your head though, with pride comes a fall and the end of the month could have a nasty surprise in store for you.


Discovery is in your sign this month Virgo, be on the look-out for scraps of food, discarded shoes and maybe even a new squeaky toy to play with. Look and you shall find

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I sense a certain ennui in your house for November Libra. Try not to get too depressed and take every opportunity to get out in the fresh air. Even though your bed calls, it’s not a good idea to spend the month napping.

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