It’s Almost Halloween!

 Okay I’m going to out myself here. I love and I mean really LOVE dogs in halloween costumes. I like humans in them too, but let’s be honest here, they don’t look half as cute as a dog does. I don’t know about you, but as I look through the pictures below, thinking to myself ‘oh that’s a good one’ or ‘wow that must have taken hours to make’. I do sometimes just think to myself that I can hear the dogs saying, quite loudly.

‘So you think you’ve had a bad day, look what I’ve been doing for the past 5 hours!’

and then I think to myself, no, dogs are so much nicer than that and this is what they were probably thinking.

‘That was the BEST DAY EVER! We hung out together all day and all the attention was where it should be ON ME and do you know what, I think I look FANTASTIC in this outfit. Hey everyone look at me!’.

happy halloween hal 2 hal 3 hal 4 hal 5 halloween outfits halloween 2 hall 9 hal 8 hal 6

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