The World according to Dudley the Rock ‘n’ Roll Yorkie

Hey Pups,

Guess what?

I am going to the Sydney Opera House on Friday night to see Russell Brand.


I am going to watch my mum-mum drool over him like I drool over liver-treats.

I can see why she likes him…

He has big brown puppy-dog eyes and non-shedding shaggy fur

– this is an added bonus as we do have a dark coloured sofa.


I don’t know what else happens at the Opera House so it’s hard to decide what to wear,

but no matter what I wear underneath,

I DO have to wear my Assistance Dog vest and

“pretend to be useful” (to quote the Feeder-woman).

I am sure there will be plenty of useless people there that don’t have to wear vests so it sounds

like discrimination to me.

I don’t even need an allocated seat to have a good time.

I plan to enjoy a little comedy with a possible interval for grooming my ‘downstairs entertainment area’.

I am sure Russell Brand allows a break for that.

We are both very popular with the ladies,

but I bet I get more lady attention on Friday night than he does.

I am a walking chick magnet!

Maybe I will see him after the show and give him some tips?

I’ll let you know how I go pups!


Smell ya later,

Dudley Dinsdale – the Rock n Roll Yorkie x

Want to see more of Dudley? He has his very own Facebook page which he’d love you to like.

He also has his own range of outfits, the sale of which keeps his treat jar nice and full. So if you’d like to give Dudley a treat you can purchase them on his  Facebook store

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