a stylish dog bed for a doggie that loves to snuggle

Is it time that you treated your furry four legged best friend to a new bed? Like human beds dog beds have a use by date and we’re not saying this purely based on the smell factor. They can sag, go lumpy, get holes or just become plain uncomfortable. If you’ve just brought home a new dog, take time before buying a bed to think about how your new dog might prefer to sleep. Are they a burrower? Or do they like to flop on top and watch the world go by? Today we’re taking a look at the versatile and oh so stylish Snuggle Pod beds by My Pet Beds.

snuggle pod
Pic: Imbi’s Nirvana snuggle pod from My Pet Beds

They’re perfect if your dog likes to burrow in and snuggle up, like this little one in the video does below.

Top tip: You can place a wheat pack or a hot water bottle inside if you have an older dog that suffers from arthritis or a breed that feels the cold. 

Or they’re a comfy place to hang out if your dog’s more of a lounger and looker.

miyow and barkley 2
Pic: mudcake chocolate cord snuggle pod show above from My Pet Beds

There are styles to match most homes interiors with faux fur, micro suede, raw cotton and cord, all in a range of colours and prices start from $160 and they offer free shipping on all products in Australia.

*My Pet Beds are offering all Wagging World readers 10% off their purchases for life if they enter the code WW10 upon checkout. To check out their ranges go to My Pet Beds

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