Our Step by Step Guide to getting rid of those Pesky Fleas

You’ve got that niggly feeling that all is not right in the house and that something is biting you. You’ve noticed that the dog has started to obsessively scratch themselves and that to be honest they’re not  their normal happy, yappy, ear flappy selves. You’re thinking to yourself ‘nooooooooo’, because in your heart you know what is going on! The dog has fleas, which means the house does too and you have to do something about it quickly.

dudley ears
image via dudley the rock ‘n’ roll yorkie

Step One

Check the dog, make sure that it is fleas and not something else. If you turn them over onto their back you can check out some of the areas that the fleas like to hide, such as the groin and armpits. Check the ears carefully as well for signs of scratching, redness, blood or dirt. The skin on the belly, groin or base of the tail may appear red and bumpy especially if your dog has been scratching a lot. If you can comb your dog’s hair try combing with a flea comb, keep a bowl of water hand to drown any live fleas in. You can also comb with a sheet of white paper underneath them to catch any fleas dirt that might fall. The way to tell flea dirt from normal dirt is that if you squash it with the comb it will turn a reddish brown from the digested blood that the flea has passed through its body and excreted.

Step Two

Treat the dog with a product such as Frontline’s flea treatment for dogs  remember to wait 48 hours before bathing your dog after application. Once you’ve treated, follow the instructions for regular treatments.

Step Three

Sprinkle borox on your carpets and rugs, leave for an hour or overnight and then hoover up. Remember to immediately dispose of the hoover bag in the bin.

Step Four

Wash your dogs bed and any soft toys on a high heat setting.

Step Five

Check if the above have worked by placing a pan filled with water and a few drops of soap in the centre of the room that you think might have fleas. Next to the pan place a lamp and shine the light from the lamp onto the water. This needs to be the only source of light in the room. The fleas are attracted to the light which causes them to jump into the water, where they’ll drown because of the soap. Without the soap the fleas would simply jump back out again.

Hopefully with the above steps you’ll be flea free all year though.

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