10 reasons why Sharing your Life with a Dog is the Best Decision you’ve ever Made.

One of the best deals we’ve ever made is that of sharing our life with our furry friends. We get so very much out of it and they seem to ask for so very little in return. These are just some of the reasons (there are so many more) that it really is the best decision we’ve ever made.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 4.17.08 PM

1. You’ll never be alone again ….even if you want to be. I’m thinking toilet, showering, bed time……

dudley paw

2. No matter how bad your day’s been or how many seemingly insurmountable problems you are facing, just sitting with your dog helps and for a brief moment nothing else matters.

3. You now know what unconditional LOVE is and won’t accept anything less from anyone.

4. You’ll never dine alone again ……ever!

5. You’ll always have an exercise buddy.

6. Someone is always there to wipe away the tears.

7. Someone is always there to make you laugh.

8. Someone is always pleased to see you when you come home.

9. Someone is always interested in hearing what you have to say.

10. They give you LIFE – just being with them brings your heart rate down and has been proved to lower blood pressure.

To be continued – do you have any more to add?

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