Mystic Millie’s Doggie Horoscopes for October

Mystic Millie the world’s only doggie psychic and astrologer gives us her predictions for October. Exclusively for the Wagging World readers.



Now’s the time to take matters into your own paws and lead the way. Your human has been lost for a while, whilst you as always have a perfect sense of where you should be going. Ignore all attempts to sway you from your chosen path.

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Stay alert this month as something in your past is trying to come back and bite you. My best advice is to retreat to your bed and snooze away the month.


This is your month you lucky Sagittarius. Now’s the time to adventure out and really feel the call of the wild. Take a chance and try that new dog park or partake in some new cuisine….no leash can hold you back this month!

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You have the ALLURE this month and everyone wants to be near you. I see adventures galore and new paths to sniff out. Keep that tail wagging and your licker on full, there will be time for you to rest soon.


Your human may prove difficult to handle this month. Remember that we all need to practice ongoing training where they’re concerned and keep your patience. If not I see trouble ahead and dare I say it a missed meal time – don’t say I haven’t warned you!


Whilst other dogs may guard their possessions you have always been happy to share what you have. Be careful this month though as I see an intruder, possibly a CAT that will try and take advantage of your good nature. Keep a careful vigilance over your toys and your bowl this month.


Venus is in your house this month and you’re full of LOVE for everyone. Your humans can do no wrong as far as you’re concerned and you bask in their rightful adoration.


Mercury’s in retrograde this month, which means you’ve no sooner got the dog lead on when it’s suddenly taken away. You don’t know whether you’re coming or going. Take every sausage that’s offered as I can’t guarantee when the next one will be. Don’t say I didn’t warn you when your tummy’s rumbling and you’re feeling hungry.


The postman’s in your house of fun and I see some dark days ahead. All I can suggest is keep all paws on the floor and BEWARE of strangers offering treats as they may not be who they seem to be and a potential visit to the VETS could ensue.

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Change is ahead this month and I recommend putting your tail in the air and going out there and enjoying yourself. There’ll be some interesting encounters, remember though some barks are definitely worse than bites as not all the dogs have your friendly easy going nature.


I see buried treasure on your adventures this month so keep digging around, whatever your human’s might say! As there are hidden sausage out there just waiting for you to find them.


Be ever vigilant for that unexpected windfall as treats really do seem to fall from the sky. Remember such bounty doesn’t always happen though and I recommend storing a few snacks away for leaner times maybe behind the sofa or in your dog bed.

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