Life according to Dudley the Rock ‘n’ Roll Yorkie

Another flight to see my girlfriend Molly in Brisbane.

miss molly hat

I have been upgraded to cabin-class now, but still no complimentary meal.

I also got to schmooze the pilots and check their credentials etc for workplace

health & safety.

dudley sheep

They seemed nice, except one of them was eating some delicious airline snacks

and didn’t offer me any, so some points deducted there.

I also didn’t get any headphones for the inflight entertainment.

OK, the Feeder says it’s only a 1 hour flight  … but thats 7 in dog hours!

The Feeder is desperate to impress, and her new hobby is trying to force me to shake hands with

virtually any passer by that glances in our general direction.

(A) I am NOT performing menial tasks for insufficient remuneration!   IE:  Where is my treat, woman??

(B) A condescending pat on the head is NOT sufficient remuneration.

I am thinking of contacting my union representative regarding my unfair treatment in the workplace.

Feeder also tries (unsuccessfully) to get me to fetch stuff…

HELLO – I am a TERRIER (!) not a retriever!

If you want a hole dug, come see me… if you want a lump of wood dragged across the lawn,

speak to the dopey red setter across the street.

…. and while you are at it, STOP throwing squeaky toys and balls at me!

I wonder what variety of dog Miss Molly is?

I think she is a “lap dog”, because sometimes she does 50 laps of the lounge room at high speed

while trying to avoid having an item of The Feeder’s laundry removed from her fat gob.

Anyway, I am a bit grumpy as there has been talk of an upcoming “bath”…

I’d better go hide under the spare bed.

dudley hat

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