Remote Control Toy for your Dog

Go-Go Dog Pals Remote Control Toy

If you loved playing with remote control cars as a child (who didn’t) and you’re looking for a new way to exercise your dog then this could be the perfect toy for you. A remote control interactive dog pal that travels at speeds of up to 35 km/h (roughly 22 mph) and can be operated on any surface (backyards, parks, open spaces). It’s powered by an internal battery and can be recharged using the included battery charger.


You can choose from Bandit who is a racoon or Sweetie who’s a skunk. Both cost $229.99. We think they look enormous fun and would provide hours and hours of entertainment for both the four legged and two legged members of the family.

go go 2

go go

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Check out the Go-Go Dog Pals site

This is some of the feedback from happy users:

I find the product amazing and so do our two giant schnauzers. Talk about us being able to exhaust them with this product, it is great!!! – Wendi L

I was really looking forward to sending this email. Just back from a rousing 45 minutes playing with Bandit. Final score: Bandit 2, Frenchies 0. 🙂 I’m not the best steerer in the world, but we still managed to get some great chasing time in. The unit worked great and is now cleaned up and recharging for the next time.

“Brandy loves to chase rabbits and squirrels as well as fish in the creeks so I was skeptical about whether she would actually chase a dog toy. It finally cooled off a bit the last two evenings so rather than going for her late evening walk, we finally tried out the Go Go Dog Pal. I’m not sure who’s having more fun; Brandy chasing or us trying to fool and elude her! She’s already looking for her toy whenever we’re headed outside. This has been a huge hit and I’m so pleased to have another way to stimulate and exercise our precious family member. This is going to be great in the fall and winter when her energy cranks up about 10 notches Great interactive dog toy!”

Wagging World desirability score: 10 out of 10 

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