Andrew, Missy + Nemo


This week’s Inside Scoop is from Andrew, Missy and Nemo. After bumping into a very cute American Bulldog puppy on the Portobello Road one day, Andrew and his wife Jane decided it was the dog for them. So along came Missy and Nemo. Fast forward and now Andrew and Jane not only own one of our favourite pet boutiques in Notting Hill, The Mutz Nutz (established 10 years ago) they also are the team behind the pet shampoo and cosmetic range, ‘Wildwash’. Andrew explains how Wildwash came about because of Missy and Nemo ‘Even though they are short coated and do not require a lot of grooming they do have really sensitive skin and this is where the idea for the range started. We spent 8 years researching the perfect natural pet shampoo and cosmetic range and finally we have launched Wildwash. Missy and Nemo’s sensitive skin is now a thing of the past and we constantly receive emails and testimonials of thanks for doing the same for other pets’.

andrew and nemo
Andrew and Nemo

** If you’re thinking that Andrew looks familiar, you’re right. His other job is being a model and he plays the gorgeous gardener in the U.K. Diet Coke ads that sets hearts racing. We’re not sure what Missy and Nemo think about this, we’re guessing they don’t really mind as long as their dinner’s on time!

Nemo and Missy
Missy and Nemo

We asked Andrew, Missy and Nemo the 7 Inside Scoop questions.

WW: What is your favourite food?

Andrew: I like organic, fresh and natural foods and spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking. The day is never complete though without a large green juice and on a Sunday a roast dinner is a must!
Missy and Nemo: We love our homemade treats made from the pulp of green juice. Missy is a good singer and if she sings loud enough at dinner time, we both get some tasty left overs from dinner.

WW: What is your worse habit?

Andrew: An inability (because of my job) to plan anything in advance!
Missy and Nemo: Breaking into the next door farm and getting stuck in the manure.

WW: What is your biggest dislike?

Andrew: Junk Food
Missy and Nemo: Not being allowed to play with the kids’ toys, not being allowed to chase the cats, not being allowed to sleep on the sofas, not being allowed to break in to the farmers’ fields, not being allowed to bark at strangers……. In fact anything we are not allowed to do!

Missy CanvasMissy

WW: What is your favourite walk?

Andrew: It doesn’t really matter where, but the best walks are on a Sunday morning. We take the kids with us as well and it’s a great start to the day.
Missy and Nemo: Anywhere with a lake where we can get wet and muddy!

WW: What is your best quality?

Andrew: My love of animals.
Missy and Nemo: Our good behaviour and total obedience!!!!! Missy is the best singer and Nemo is the best at rolling over.

WW: What would be your perfect day?

Andrew: Time with family and friends. A perfect day would start with a walk in Tatton Park,  cooking up a storm in the kitchen and then chillin’ out and playing with the kids. Somewhere in all this would be watching a good football match as well!
Missy and Nemo: Our perfect day would be a visit to The Mutz Nutz in Notting Hill to buy lots of toys and treats, followed by a long walk in Hyde Park.

WW: Do you think you look alike?

Andrew: They do say you pick a dog breed that you look like…..
Missy and Nemo: After a groom with WildWash we smell beautiful and look just like our owners!

Nemo ShampooNemo with his shampoo (well he was the inspiration)

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