The World according to Dudley the Rock ‘n’ Roll Yorkie

Hi Pups!

Well, guess what?

I flew back to Sydney with my “mum-mum” in the people department of the plane!

…and It is way better than the suitcase department!

….and I am a total chick-magnet too now that I have a cool uniform.

The Air hostesses loved me, and even gave me my own complimentary sandwich!

I think that means I’m in the “Mile High Club”….

dudley vest

that’s what they call it when you get extra bonus sandwiches!

I have been very lucky lately because Eukanuba Pet Foods are also sending me a delicious  hamper of tasty meals & treats just so they can be sure I will be extra healthy during my Assistance Dog Training.

dudley vest 2

Now that I am in Sydney, my Feeder/agent/mum-mum is arranging a tour for me (in true Rock n Roll style),

where I will visit children in hospital and administer lots of Dr Dudley’s curative kisses while accepting  any biscuits the kiddies aren’t up to eating.

(I like to help out in any way I can.)

I am pretty sure Children’s hospitals  get almost as many Arnott’s Family Favourites as the Nursing Homes do,

so it is all looking like it will be a well catered tour,

and I already have the EUKANUBA pet food sponsorship so my plan for world domination is going brilliantly…

But first… I must have a nap.

dudley sleeping

Smell Ya Later Pups,

Dudley  x

Want to see more of Dudley? He has his very own Facebook page which he’d love you to like.

Dudley also has his very own store – we featured his modelling and design debut HERE a couple of weeks ago.

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