Life according to Dudley the Rock ‘n’ Roll Yorkie

Hullo Pups,

Guess what?

Eukanuba Dog Food & the local Lions Club

are sponsoring my Training as an Assistance Dog!


This means that when my Feeder and I go back to Sydney tomorrow

I get to fly with her in the people department instead of the suitcases

and stupid cats department where I usually go!

I will wear my swanky new vest so I look extra professional.

I hope the Feeder has pre-ordered my on-flight dietary requirement…

a medium well-done steak with a side of mashed potatoes and grated cheese.

Lots of training ahead…

I heard the Feeder asking the doggy trainer how to teach me to learn to walk behind her on my leash,

and not run ahead of her?

Well If The Feeder gets one of those raw meat dresses like Lady GaGa.… problem solved,

I will follow her anywhere.

I hope Miss Molly doesn’t get too upset when I leave tomorrow.

I don’t want to set her off, she’s borderline feral as it is.

dudley and miss molly

I might just have to sneak out quietly while she’s in the middle of performing one of

the regular squeakerectomies she does on any of my toys I leave laying around.

I am the Rock n Roll Yorkie and I don’t like to make trouble

but what happens on tour stays on tour!

dudley rock n roll

Smell ya later pups!

Dudley  x

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