Petra and Johan

Petra and Johan both live in Berlin. Petra is the Chairman of the Berlin based Pet Brand Cloud 7 and Johan (who is a labrador) is her Co-Chairman (and chief tester).

Petra Jungebluth & Johan 2_4c

Petra: When we first met Johan was a little baby dog of 8 weeks and none of us had a clue at that time, how much of an influence we would have on each other in the upcoming years. Back then we both lived in Amsterdam, I was working as a fashion designer for Tommy Hilfiger’s European Design Department and Johan used to come to the office with me each day. On our way back home he’d constantly be trying to jump into the canals of the city. You know, Labradors love water. Years later we both moved back to my home country Germany and settled down in Berlin. I was originally planning to start my own fashion line, but in between I began to design some products for Johan, like a nice and comfortable dog bed, a mat for travelling and some other stuff. This was mainly due to the fact that I didn’t really like the products I was finding in the pet shops. I had no idea at that time that this would later turn into my business, starting a brand for simple, well designed dog products and accessories that should look nice in a sophisticated home interior. Johan became my “crash test dummy”, giving me feedback on testing everything I came up with.

cloud 7 pup

 We asked Petra and Johan the 7 Inside Scoop questions.

WW: What is your favourite food?

Petra: Anything that has been produced with care and respect.

Johan: Anything that’s in the bowl every day at 5.

WW: What is your worst habit?

Petra: Not being able to say no when Johan carefully puts his paw on the couch being ready to jump on it.

Johan: Checking out other dog’s bowls.


WW: What is your biggest dislike?

Petra: Cynical products giving no respect to the consumer and everyone involved in the production process just for the sake of the biggest possible margin and profit.

Johan: An empty bowl at 5.

Bowl Chalk_White

WW: What is your favourite walk?

Petra: Riding my horse and being accompanied by Johan in the woods outside Berlin.

Johan: Strolling from my bed to a nicely filled bowl at 5.

Petra Jungebluth & Johan

WW: What is your best quality?

Petra: I have noticed that one’s best qualities come out when you are just true to your own ideas and inspirations and don’t look at others.

Johan: Beating Petra in a swim race at the lake at our country house.

WW: What would be your perfect day?

Petra: Sunny day and going for a swim with Johan.

Johan: Sunny day and going for a swim with Petra.

WW: Do you think you look alike?

Petra: Think we are getting closer.

Johan: You gotta be kidding me.

Johann Kopie

 Petra and Johan’s range is currently distributed worldwide (30 countries), very impressive! If you’d like to know more about them and see more of their (beautiful) designs (so many are on our wish list)then it’s well worth having a look at their website.

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