What to give the dog who only likes a tennis ball

You may remember Buddy the Truffle Hound from when we interviewed him and his human Tony for our Inside Scoop feature earlier this year. Buddy’s a 5 year old golden labrador who lives with his humans Helen and Tony in Haberfield.

tony& buddy
Tony and Buddy

When Buddy’s not hunting for truffles, one of his favourite things (besides Helen and Tony) is his tennis ball. So much so that he’s not really interested in any other toy. That all changed though when I gave him his Christmas Present a Rufus & Coco Junior Chew Toy. Being a dog we figured he’d be OK not waiting until the actual day and we let him tear into it straight away. What can I say except, he LOVED it.

buddy rufus and coco
Buddy testing his new toy

Not only could we play the retrieving game, but it also gave a pleasant squeak when chewed. Buddy happily amused himself with his new toy whilst the humans caught up over a lovely dinner. We haven’t told Buddy yet but his new toy can also be filled with treats and best of all it floats, a bit like Buddy does. The picture below is of Buddy and Tony going for a paddle board after a long day searching for truffles.


The toys are available in pink and blue and are on sale at the moment for $15.96 from Rufus & Coco 

Rufus&Coco Rufus Junior blue in pack

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